5 Tips for Back Pain in Sacramento CA

5 Tips for Back Pain in Sacramento CA

Chiropractor Sacramento CA Steven K. Barham

Sacramento CA Chiropractor’s top 5 tips to reduce back pain

Every Chiropractic office has different patients and different issues they deal with. We found that there were 5 areas where patients got disproportionate pain relief in Sacramento CA from very little effort.

1. Practice Safe And Effective Exercise

Making sure that you take time out of your day to do a few simple exercises can be the difference between chronic back pain and a manageable level of discomfort. Exercise strengthens the muscles in the lower back and abdomen, which helps keep the spine in proper alignment. Stretching is also important, but it's important to make sure your stretching routine is tailored to your individual needs. Your Sacramento CA chiropractor can give you specific exercises that can help to reduce your pain, as well as advice about activities to avoid in order to prevent flare-ups.

2. Build An Ergonomics Centered Environment

Ergonomics can also help to reduce back pain. Ergonomics is essentially figuring out how to best adjust your environment and lifestyle to fit your body’s individual needs. In regards to back pain, this could mean making sure that your chair and desk are the right height and that you are in a comfortable position when at work or home. It also means finding ways to reduce the physical strain of your activities of daily living.

3. Don’t cross your legs

Crossing your legs puts your spine into an awkward position which can cause pain in the lower back. The pressure that is placed on the discs in the spine can be greater when your legs are crossed, which can cause more discomfort. Additionally, crossing your legs can cause decreased circulation in the legs, leading to numbness and tingling. To avoid these issues, it’s important to keep your feet on the floor when sitting and not cross your legs for too long.

4. Good Posture

Posture plays an important role in reducing back pain. Proper posture engages the core muscles, which helps to keep the spine in a stable and neutral position. When you slouch, you are putting more pressure on the lower back and putting your spine in an unnatural position which can lead to pain. It is important to keep your shoulders back and keep your head in line with your spine when you are sitting or standing.

5. Proper Sleep position

Finding the right sleep position for you, can also drastically reduce pain. The best sleeping positions for back pain are lying on your side with your knees slightly bent and a pillow between your legs and on your back with a pillow under your knees. When you sleep in these positions, your lower back will rest naturally in a neutral position. This will help reduce the amount of pressure placed on your back, reducing the amount of pain you feel.

Clinically reviewed by Steven Barham, D.C.

- Updated on December 11, 2022

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