Sacramento CA Chiropractor’s Comprehensive Guide: Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in Sacramento CA is a tiny joint in your jaw that can make a big impact on your life. People who suffer from severe TMJ disorders can struggle to move their mouth at all.

Sacramento CA Chiropractor Treats TMJ

Claudia struggled with TMJ for years and was able to have an amazing improvement in both being able to move her jaw and also reducing pain and even reduce headaches as well!

Our team at Barham Chiropractic Office loves seeing patients like Claudia, improve this much! TMJ can come and go for years and can be very discouraging.

If you struggle with TMJ we would love to meet you and get you back to living pain-free.

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What is TMJ?

TMJ is a disorder of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the lower jaw to the skull. In layman's terms, this joint is what allows us to move our jaw and speak, chew, and yawn. If this joint becomes strained or misaligned, it can cause pain, headaches, decreased mobility in the jaw, and a myriad of other symptoms. At Barham Chiropractic, we understand how disruptive and uncomfortable TMJ symptoms can be, which is why we offer effective chiropractic treatment for those suffering from this condition.

Symptoms of TMJ

Unfortunately, TMJ can be an incredibly painful and debilitating condition. Common symptoms include jaw pain, difficulty chewing, grinding of the teeth in sleep, pain and stiffness in the neck, headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and even jaw locking. When your body is in pain, it's only natural that you'd want relief as quickly as possible, which is why many people turn to chiropractic care for TMJ.

Causes of TMJ

TMJ can be caused by a variety of factors, including jaw misalignment, trauma to the joint, grinding of the teeth in sleep, and even stress.

Jaw misalignment

When your jaw is misaligned, it can place undue stress on the joint, causing pain and discomfort. A chiropractor can use gentle adjustments to realign the joint, providing immediate relief and improved range of motion.

Trauma to the joint

An injury or accident can cause trauma to the temporomandibular joint, and even the slightest misalignment can cause swelling, pain, and loss of motion. Chiropractic care can help realign the joint, allowing it to heal properly and relieve pain.

Grinding at night

People who grind their teeth at night may be more prone to TMJ pain and discomfort. A chiropractor can help by providing treatments that reduce the tension in your jaw muscles and allow you to relax.


Stress can cause your muscles to tighten, which can lead to TMJ pain. This is why it’s important to take time to relax and unwind, but even better, a chiropractor can help by providing treatments that alleviate tension and stress and help reduce muscle tension. Relieving your TMJ pain is possible and, fortunately, help is just a call away.

Now that we've discussed the symptoms and causes of TMJ, let's examine why chiropractic care is such an effective treatment.

Chiropractic care is very likely, the best way to correct your TMJ.

Although both dentists and chiropractors offer proven treatments for TMJ, dental treatments can often be slow, costly, or even invasive. Dentists may recommend surgery or braces to manage temporomandibular joint disorders when very often chiropractor adjustments can completely correct the problem.

Why Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care is an effective and non-invasive treatment for TMJ that seeks to provide relief from symptoms. A chiropractor will use gentle manual adjustments to realign the jaw and relieve tension in the joint. In some cases, a chiropractor will also recommend lifestyle modifications or therapeutic exercises to aid in relaxation and reduce stress.

Our Sacramento CA Chiropractor Office’s Specialized treatments for TMJ

Chiropractor Sacramento CA Steven K. Barham

When you come to Barham Chiropractic, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best chiropractic care for TMJ. Our experienced chiropractors are trained in specialized treatments for TMJ, which means that your plan will be tailored to meet your individual needs. We understand how pain and discomfort can impact your quality of life, which is why we are committed to providing you with the best care possible. Your plan may include a combination of the following treatment options:

  • Adjustments: A chiropractor will use gentle manual adjustments to realign the jaw and relieve tension in the joint. This can provide immediate relief and an improved range of motion. Barham Chiropractic is experienced in providing specialized care for TMJ patients.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Trigger point therapy is used to release tension and pain in the jaw muscles. Pressure is applied to specific areas, allowing the muscles to relax and reducing pain in the jaw. When combined with chiropractic adjustments, trigger point therapy can greatly improve the results of TMJ treatments.
  • Soft tissue release: Using massage and stretching techniques can reduce tension in the jaw muscles and increase the range of motion. This type of treatment can be particularly effective in relieving pain and restoring mobility. Barham Chiropractic offers specialized soft tissue release treatments for TMJ.
  • Postural correction: Maintaining proper posture and alignment of your body can help reduce stress on the temporomandibular joint, providing relief from pain and discomfort. It may not seem like posture should be tied to pain in the jaw, but your body is connected and it’s important to maintain proper alignment for overall health. When proper alignment is achieved, the impact on the joint can be significant.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Some lifestyle modifications can help reduce stress and muscle tension, including reducing your caffeine intake, limiting phone and computer use, and taking regular breaks. Changing your sleeping position can also help reduce tension in the jaw and provide relief from TMJ pain. Making just a few small changes can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being and the effect on your TMJ pain.
  • Exercises: Simple, therapeutic exercises can help improve mobility and reduce pain by strengthening and lengthening the muscles around the jaw. TMJ exercises can be an effective tool in your overall treatment plan and Barham Chiropractic offers individualized treatment plans to help improve the results of your TMJ treatments.

One of the most common lifestyle issues we see that can patients need to change is their caffeine intake. Having a healthy level of caffeine intake is fine, but if you have more than four or five cups of coffee a day, you may want to consider switching to decaf.

These treatments are invaluable in providing relief from TMJ pain, and the results can be remarkable. Let's take a look at all of the benefits that chiropractic care can provide for TMJ patients.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for TMJ

Understanding how chiropractic care can help with TMJ pain is important for anyone suffering from this condition. With specialized treatments and experienced chiropractors, Barham Chiropractic can help you find relief from your TMJ pain and positively impact your overall health in the process. The following benefits are some of the most common that chiropractic care can provide for TMJ patients:

  1. Pain relief: Chiropractic adjustments can target specific areas, providing direct relief from pain and discomfort. We understand that TMJ pain is a unique condition and our experienced chiropractors will develop a treatment plan just for you.
  2. Improved range of motion: Living with TMJ pain can severely limit your ability to move your jaw, and chiropractic adjustments can help restore this mobility. When combined with other treatments, such as soft tissue release and trigger point therapy, you can experience an improved range of motion and greatly reduce your pain.
  3. Reduced muscle tension: Soft tissue release can help reduce muscle tension in the jaw, providing relief from pain and restoring mobility. This can be a key component of any TMJ treatment plan and chiropractic care can help ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible.
  4. Stress relief: Prolonged TMJ pain can lead to increased stress, which can in turn worsen the condition. Chiropractic adjustments help reduce overall stress levels by providing relief from pain, allowing you to fully relax and focus on healing.

Resources and advice for those suffering from TMJ

When your life is disrupted by TMJ, finding relief is likely your main priority. At Barham Chiropractic, our Sacramento chiropractors can provide you with specialized treatments and personalized advice. In the meantime, though, you can take the following steps to start finding relief from your TMJ pain:

  1. Stay hydrated – Dehydration can contribute to TMJ pain so make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day. Caffeine can also dehydrate. Managing caffeine intake can play a part in hydration.
  2. Avoid hard foods – Chewing on hard foods like nuts or candy can put extra strain on the jaw and can worsen existing TMJ pain.
  3. Start an exercise routine – Exercise has numerous benefits for TMJ pain, including reducing overall stress and improving mobility. Yoga, tai chi, and other low-impact exercises can be particularly helpful for TMJ sufferers.
  4. Try to reduce your stress – Stress can have a negative effect on your body, including worsening TMJ pain. Taking time to relax and practice mindfulness activities like deep breathing can help reduce this stress and offer some temporary relief from the pain.
  5. Visit a chiropractor – One of the most effective treatments for TMJ is chiropractic care, which can provide direct relief from pain and help improve mobility. At Barham Chiropractic, we understand how difficult it is to live with TMJ pain and we’re here to help you get back to being you!

How long does it take a chiropractor to correct TMJ disorders?

Patients suffering from TMJ can experience significant relief as soon as the first visit. Throughout your treatment plan, your chiropractor in Sacramento CA will reassess your pain levels and range of motion several times. By understanding what your needs are, Barham chiropractic can adjust care when necessary. Our average patient starts to experience significant recovery from TMJ in the first month. Unfortunately, complete recovery can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months, depending on the severity of your injury.

If you are experiencing symptoms related to TMJ disorders, we would love for you to visit us.

We have helped countless patients with our personalized corrective care treatment plans and we would celebrate the opportunity to help you too.

Clinically reviewed by Steven Barham, D.C.

- Updated on December 1, 2022

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