Top 3 Chiropractor-Approved Sleep Positions for Pregnant Women in Sacramento CA

Top 3 Chiropractor-Approved Sleep Positions for Pregnant Women in Sacramento CA

Top 3 Chiropractor-Approved Sleep Positions for Pregnant Women in Sacramento CA

Our Sacramento CA Chiropractic Office helps with pregnancy-related back pain.

There are several ways that we can personalize adjustments to make sure that you can continue to get care throughout your pregnancy in Sacramento CA. However, an area that can help reduce back pain during pregnancy is figuring out what sleep positions will work best for you.

We wrote this to supplement patients who are receiving care during pregnancy and are excited about the difference that it can make.

Check out our Top 3 Chiropractor-approved Sleep positions for pregnancy.

Top 3 Sleep Positions

1. Sleeping On Your Back/Face Up

This position is not recommended after 25 weeks of pregnancy because it may reduce circulation in the lower part of your body which could affect the baby’s growth and development. To remain comfortable in this position, use a pillow under your knees or legs to reduce pressure on your back. Avoid using multiple pillows, as they may cause your neck to arch unnaturally, resulting in further discomfort.


  • Relieves pressure in the lower body
  • Allows for a more comfortable sleep
  • Supports the natural curvature of the spine when using a pillow under the knees or legs


  • Not recommended after 25 weeks, as it can be dangerous for both mother and baby
  • May reduce circulation to the lower part of the body and affect the baby's growth and development after 25 weeks
  • Uncomfortable if too many pillows are used, which may result in neck strain

2. Sleeping Propped Up (More Similar to Sitting)

This type of sleeping requires you to prop yourself up with pillows so that your head, neck, and back are aligned at about 45 degrees relative to the mattress. It is recommended for mothers who experience acid reflux during pregnancy or are congested due to allergies or nasal issues.


  • Aligns your head, neck, and back at a 45-degree angle for improved support
  • Can help to reduce acid reflux during pregnancy
  • Can be helpful for those suffering from allergies or nasal issues


  • This position requires additional pillows, which can be challenging to manage throughout the night
  • Pregnancy pillows for this position may be harder to find
  • Not suggested for mothers with severe lower back pain
  • May not be as comfortable as lying down on your side

3. Sleeping On Your Left Side

Lying down on your left side keeps the stomach away from the expanding uterus, helping relieve pressure on other organs, such as the intestines, liver, or kidneys, while also helping circulation by allowing increased blood flow between mother and baby.


  • Relieves pressure from organs like the intestines, liver, and kidneys
  • Increases blood flow between mother and baby
  • Allows for a better night's sleep due to increased comfort levels


  • Can be uncomfortable for women with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • May not provide adequate support to alleviate lower back pain
  • Can be disruptive to partners, as snoring can occur from lying in this position

(We have a couple of Bonus Tips!!)

Benefits of Using Pillows to Support your Sleeping Position

Sleep positions can REALLY help reduce back pain.

But pillows can make a HUGE difference as well!

There are a variety of pillows on the market designed to provide support for pregnant women. From pregnancy body pillows that can be wrapped around the body to provide head-to-toe support, to wedges that work best for those sleeping on their back or side, adding an extra support layer can help reduce tension and aches.

These are some of the benefits you can expect if you use a pillow to support your sleeping positions:

  • Help ensure comfort and reduce pain in your back and joints by supporting expectant mothers.
  • Improve circulation in the body, helping to reduce swelling in the legs, ankles, and feet.
  • Provide extra cushioning to maintain spinal alignment, which can benefit a pregnant woman’s posture.
  • Prevent rolling onto the back when side-sleeping, which is not recommended after 25 weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pillow Recommendations

If you're pregnant, you know how important it is to get a good night's sleep. But with the added weight of your growing baby bump, finding a comfortable position can be difficult. Many women turn to pregnancy pillows for extra support and comfort.

When choosing a pregnancy pillow, you must consider the type of sleeping position you prefer. Here are some chiropractor-approved pregnancy pillows for the positions we discussed above:

Best Pillow for Sleeping On Your Back/Face Up

A full-body pillow is an excellent option if you prefer to sleep on your back. It supports your head, neck, shoulders, and back while also helping to keep your spine aligned.

Note: if you love back-sleeping and need help trying to stay on your side later in pregnancy, you may want to consider a pregnancy wedge pillow. (image on right)

Best Pillow for Sleeping Propped Up (More Similar to Sitting)

If you like sleeping propped up, an adjustable U-shaped pillow is ideal. It supports your neck, shoulders, and back while providing support for your belly and legs. Positioning the pillow against your headboard or wall helps to keep your body in an upright position.

Best Pillow for Sleeping On Your Left Side

To help reduce swelling in your legs and feet as well as reduce pressure on major blood vessels, doctors recommend sleeping on your left side during pregnancy. A wedge-shaped pillow can provide extra support when sleeping in this position by elevating your upper body slightly so that gravity can help keep blood flowing from head to toe without putting too much pressure on any one area of the body.

Alternately, a C-shaped pillow can support your back, neck, and belly while lying on your left side. This pillow is designed to wrap around your back and allow you to rest comfortably without adjusting multiple pillows throughout the night.

No matter which type of pregnancy pillow you choose, make sure it fits comfortably around your body so that you can get a good night's rest!

You’re going to need it when the newest little addition to your family gets here!

Thanks for checking out our small article on sleeping positions.

Chiropractic care can make a big difference in how much back pain you experience during your pregnancy and we treat pregnant patients regularly.

However, we still strongly recommend trying out different sleeping positions and following some of the suggestions here to help you throughout your pregnancy.

We wish you a beautiful and healthy delivery and look forward to seeing you soon.

Clinically reviewed by Steven Barham, D.C.

- Updated on January 28, 2023

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