How do Chiropractors in Sacramento CA Know Where to Adjust?

How do Chiropractors in Sacramento CA Know Where to Adjust?

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There are several ways chiropractors find out where subluxations are.

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We wrote this article because this is an extremely common question at our Sacramento CA Chiropractic office. There are three main ways we ascertain where you need to be adjusted.

The three assessments are the following:

  1. Range and motion and mobility assessments
  2. Posture and palpation
  3. Diagnostic imaging

Below we are going to discuss these in a little more depth. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about how we find subluxations, feel free to call us during office hours or ask us about it next time you stop by.

3 Ways to Find Subluxations in Sacramento CA

  1. Range and motion and mobility assessments: By seeing how far your range of motion is, and how well you are able to move joints and walk (gait) we can find patterns that may be signs of subluxations.
  2. Posture and palpation: Another way we ascertain where you need to have corrective care, is by assessing your posture and palpating the spine to find areas that are out of alignment.
  3. Diagnostic imaging: The last and most important way to find subluxations is by taking X-Rays. This is not always required, but we HIGHLY recommend at least taking an X-ray during your first visit to a chiropractor. We always recommend starting with an X-ray at our Sacramento Chiropractic office.

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