Does Chiropractic Care in Sacramento CA Help Patients With Peripheral Neuropathy?

Does Chiropractic Care in Sacramento CA Help Patients With Peripheral Neuropathy?

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Although we have successfully cared for patients with peripheral neuropathy in Sacramento CA, we strongly advise that you consult your primary care provider to ensure underlying health disorders are identified and treated. Peripheral neuropathy can be a sign of serious underlying conditions, and should not be taken lightly.

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves located outside of the brain and spinal cord (peripheral nerves), which often causes weakness, numbness and pain, usually in the hands and feet. It can also affect other areas and body functions including digestion, urination and circulation. (mayoclinic).

A staggering 20 Million Americans suffer each year from Peripheral Neuropathy. In fact, 60% of diabetics experience diabetic neuropathy.

Our Sacramento CA Chiropractic office is able to significantly reduce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy by helping the spine function optimally.

Although we can not correct the underlying causes, we can help dramatically reduce the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy to help patients lead pain-free lives again.

What are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy are most commonly described as an onset of numbness and prickling in the feet and hands, which can then spread upward into the legs and arms. Patients also report a stabbing, burning or freezing pain along with a sense of imbalance or dizziness. At the first signs of this condition, physician advice should be sought immediately as it may be a warning sign that other major health disorders may exist.

Can Chiropractic care in Sacramento CA help patients with peripheral neuropathy?

Yes. Chiropractic care can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms and problems associated with Peripheral Neuropathy. Chiropractors use techniques that improve the overall health of their patients and by doing so reduce the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy. Although Chiropractors can not directly cure peripheral neuropathy, they can align the spine and make sure that it is in the optimal position to function and recover. At Barham Chiropractic we use several different techniques, including decompression, to help the spine align and recover.

Peripheral Neuropathy can be a sign that other major health disorders may exist. Consult your chiropractor or primary care provider to ensure underlying health disorders are identified and treated.

How long does it take for chiropractic care to help peripheral neuropathy?

Our Patients often see improvements in their conditions as fast as their first adjustments. Unfortunately, we can not correct the underlying condition completely because it is not caused by joint subluxations. The most we can do is to reduce the symptoms until they are almost gone to help manage peripheral neuropathy.

Consult Dr. Barham, at Barham Chiropractic in Sacramento CA if you are interested in what chiropractic care can do for you.


Clinically reviewed by Steven Barham, D.C.

- Updated on December 3, 2022

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