Sacramento CA Chiropractor’s Top 5 Tips To Avoid Back Injuries

Sacramento CA Chiropractor's Top 5 Tips to Avoid Back Injuries

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Back injuries in Sacramento CA can be debilitating and force you to live a modified life. We know what that is like, a lot of us at Barham Chiropractic have dealt with our own injuries.

We wanted to put together a short list of the TOP 5 tips to avoid back injuries.

Ergonomics in Sacramento CA

Back injuries are among the most common and painful ailments suffered by individuals in the workplace. Sitting in a chair for extended periods and engaging in repetitive motions can lead to strain, fatigue, and ultimately injury. Taking breaks, using ergonomic equipment and making sure that you are in a comfortable position can reduce the likelihood of injury significantly.


Exercise is an important tool in preventing and minimizing the risk of back injuries. It helps strengthen the muscles and ligaments that support the spine and also helps to improve flexibility and posture. For those who suffer from chronic back pain, exercise can help to reduce or even eliminate the need for medication, as well as allow them to engage in activities they may have previously been prevented from participating. Additionally, regular exercise can help those who are prone to back injuries to reduce the risk of them occurring in the first place.

We not only recommend our patients exercise, we actually serve personal trainers who promote exercise as well. Our friend Marshell Sailor was kind enough to make a testimonial for us.

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Lifting correctly

Lifting form is important on and off the gym.

It is important to lift correctly in order to avoid back injuries.

When lifting, keep your back straight and bend at the hips and your legs at the knees to lift with your legs instead of your back. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and keep the object as close as possible to your body as you lift. If you need to turn while carrying a heavy load, turn your entire body instead of just twisting your back.

Treating injuries (so they don’t get worse)

In his testimonial video, Marshell shared that his mild injuries were helped significantly by chiropractic care at our Sacramento Chiropractic office. One thing to consider is that, on the one hand, he was able to be more active. However, who knows what may have happened if his lower back problems got worse? He may have had a major injury that would stop him from being able to do his job at all.

If you have a physically demanding job, you can not afford to be injured.

We were really happy to be able to help Marshell when we did.

Diet and weight management

Being mindful of what you eat can be just as important as the exercise you do when it comes to preventing back injuries. A healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can help promote strong muscles and bones, which support the back and help to prevent injury. Incorporating essential vitamins and minerals into your diet can also help reduce inflammation, which can decrease pain and discomfort in the back.

Hopefully, this list helps you avoid back injuries.
If you or a loved one deal with back pain, even if it is mild, give us a call during office hours.

We would be happy to help.

Clinically reviewed by Steven Barham, D.C.

- Updated on December 15, 2022

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