Why Do Adjustments in Sacramento CA Make Noise?

Why Do Adjustments in Sacramento CA Make Noise?

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Sacramento CA Chiropractor Discusses Joint Popping Sounds

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Have you ever questioned why a popping or breaking sound occurs during a chiropractic adjustment? So have our patients at our Sacramento CA Chiropractor Office.

In this article (5 minute read) briefly explain what causes that popping and we settle whether or not the myth about popping fingers causing arthritis is TRUE or FALSE!

So, Why Do Adjustments Make Noise?

The noise during an adjustment is actually a totally normal and harmless component of the adjustment process, despite the fact that it might sound alarming.

Gas is expelled from the joints in the spine, which causes the popping or cracking sound. A tiny amount of nitrogen or oxygen may be released from a joint when a chiropractor exerts pressure during an adjustment. Similar to the sound you might hear when you crack your fingers, this gas release produces the popping or cracking sound.

It is crucial to realize that the noise itself does not represent the efficiency of the correction.

The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to get the spine's joints moving correctly and aligned properly so that pain can be lessened, the function can be enhanced, and general wellness can be increased.

The popping sound is a normal and harmless byproduct of the adjustment.

Furthermore, it's crucial to understand that not all chiropractic adjustments make popping or cracking sounds. Some methods, such as instrument-assisted or low-force methods, may not even make any sounds.

In the end, whether the patient feels a decrease in pain or an increase in function will ultimately determine the efficacy of a chiropractic adjustment.

So if you hear a popping or cracking sound during your chiropractic adjustment, don't be concerned. It's perfectly normal and safe. The most important thing is that you are at ease during your chiropractic care.

And now for some Myth Buster Barham Chiropractic Edition!

Does Popping Fingers Cause Arthritis?

Our understanding is that there is no scientific evidence that popping your fingers causes arthritis.

However, some studies have suggested that excessive knuckle cracking may cause damage to the ligaments in the fingers or even harm joints over time. Therefore, at Barham Chiropractic we generally recommended avoiding the habit of cracking your knuckles.

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- Updated on March 14, 2023

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