Chiropractors Job Description in Sacramento CA

Chiropractors Job Description in Sacramento CA

Chiropractor Sacramento CA Steven Barham

Sacramento CA Chiropractor Explains Job Requirements

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In our last blog, we spoke a little bit about the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners and in this one we wanted to cover one of the reasons you may be involved with them.

When you are becoming a chiropractor, you have to attend more than 4,500 hours of intensive classes and clinical training to increase your knowledge of the human body. After all of your training is complete, you have to pass national tests and get licensed.

Believe it or not, once you get licensed you are now at the starting line.
I feel really blessed to have grown up around Chiropractic care and to have been able to get real patient experience fast, but sometimes Chiropractors take more time to get experience with a lot of patients.

There is always more to learn, but if you love helping people we recommend this career for you.

Roles and Responsibilities

What a chiropractor can do depends on what the state allows them to do. Also, some chiropractors choose to specialize in a certain type of care, just like a medical doctor might.

Normally, Chiropractors focus on the musculoskeletal system, and some concentrate on back and neck pain.

Chiropractors are responsible for correcting subluxations to put joints back in alignment.

Research consistently shows chiropractic to be effective in treating low back pain and other issues, and it can help reduce the need for surgery or use of opioids.

Other chiropractors specialize in pediatric chiropractic, sports medicine, pregnancy, postpartum, and internal medicine.

With so much variety and so many options, chiropractors have a lot of room to pursue the career path they want.

What Degree Do I Need?

Before you can apply to a chiropractic school, you usually need a Bachelor of Science. In the cases where chiropractic schools do not require a bachelor of science, they do have a list of required classes, which usually include biology, chemistry, and physics.

You must earn a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) before becoming licensed to practice.

Do I Need a License to Practice?

Yes, chiropractors must have a passing score given by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and get licensed before they practice.

Also, Chiropractors can only work in States where they are licensed, so it's important to know what the laws are in the State where they want to work.

How Long Does It Take For A Chiropractor To Earn Their Degree And Start Treating Patients?

The D.C. or Doctor of Chiropractic degree is a postgraduate professional degree that takes approximately 4 years to complete. After completing the degree program, chiropractors are expected to obtain a license, which can take between three months and a year.

Is Being A Chiropractor A Physically Demanding Job?

Being a chiropractor can be physically demanding.

Some adjustments require manipulating patients’ bodies in difficult positions that may require Chiropractors to be relatively strong.

A lot of people don’t realize that: like masseuses, chiropractors need to use a relatively consistent amount of force and it can be exhausting after several hours of work.

People considering a career in this field should always try to remember to pace themselves and that there is usually more than one technique to adjust areas.
This helps because often chiropractors can change the technique based on what makes the most sense.

Smaller patients may need smaller techniques and bigger patients bigger ones.

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- Updated on March 30, 2023

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