Why Top Baseball Players Use Chiropractic Care in Sacramento CA (5-minute read)

Why Top Baseball Players Use Chiropractic Care in Sacramento CA (5-minute read)

Yes. That’s Dr. Johnson.

Hi there! You may recognize the person in this photo. This is none other than our very own Dr. Johnson!

Dr. Johnson knows a thing or two about baseball so we wanted to give him a chance to pitch in on this conversation.

Dr. Johnson actually pitched for Chico State and afterward in independent professional leagues because he had a unique way of pitching where he bent sideways as he pitched to get more difficult angles on the pitches.

If you want to know more about his story, click on his picture and check out his about page.

In this blog, we wanted to discuss the top 3 reasons chiropractic care in Sacramento CA helps baseball players.

If you are a serious baseball player and care about longevity, check out this short article or give us a call to find out how we can help you stay in the game.

Top 3 Reasons Why Baseball Players Should See a Chiropractor in Sacramento CA

The reasons Baseball Players should see a chiropractor are simple. Chiropractic care treats injuries, prevents injuries, and improves your golfing performance. Although the injury treatment and prevention may seem obvious to those who have had care, you will be shocked by how chiropractic can improve your game.

1. To Treat Existing Injuries And Speed Up Recovery

Baseball injuries can be excruciating. Chiropractic care can help baseball injuries in your joints and lower back by aligning the joints and increasing blood flow.

2. To Prevent Injuries Without Slowing Down Your Game

Back and core injuries may represent as many as 12% of all injuries that result in time out of play from MLB!

Due to the insane velocity baseball players have to generate when they twist, the core is under tons of pressure.

If the spine is out of alignment during a pitch or a swing, the only thing you’re going to be slugging is a hospital bed.

Keeping the spine in alignment can reduce the likelihood of back injury.

3. Improve Your Game (And Health) With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can have a serious effect on mobility. We actually wrote a short article on mobility that explains this thoroughly. Having increased mobility in the lower back can allow you to have better follow-through with your swing or pitch which can make a BIG change in your game.

Chiropractic adjustments can also help boost blood flow. This brings more oxygen to your muscles and mind, which can help you perform your best.

At Barham Chiropractic,

We celebrate when people can get back to doing what they love.

We would love nothing more than to help you stay in the game as long as you want to.

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